Friday, February 6, 2009

...The Future

Moving forward, I see a bunch of opportunities in the world of photojournalism as it pertains to sports photography.  Particularly in my area.  Given the state of the economy, one has to be particularly creative not only in your approach, but in the delivery of your product and service as well.  My goal for this year is to become a permanent fixture as the photographer for a sports related entity.  I have a few good leads that I'm sure will pan out.  I'm confident that the year will prove to be very good in spite of the economy.  The key here is to just make it happen!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Past...

Good day everyone!  I've been meaning to begin a blog for quite some time now given that I thoroughly enjoy writing AND photography.  So I've finally got my but in gear and started my blog which in this case combines two of greatest pleasures life holds for me...writing and photography!

The past few years have been interestingly challenging in the world of photography for myself.  Apprehension coupled with uncertainty have paralyzed me in the and kept me from moving forward.  Having realized this, it's time to move forward and forget about what has happened up to this point.  Moving forward I will make a conscious effort to liberate myself from those mental chains of doubt and uncertainty and JUST GO FOR IT!